01. BOOK - Killing: A Spiritual Discernment Guide for Law Enforcement

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“Anything that could help a member of the law enforcement community deal with the aftermath of an officer involved shooting, is a benefit to the officer, their department and their community, and Ray Vann’s insight, in Killing: A Spiritual Discernment Guide for Law Enforcement, could be one such thing that helps officers get through their ordeal with the help of their faith.”     

       BERNARD B. KERIK, Police Commissioner (Retired), City of New York


"This book is a must read.  To the law enforcement reader and one who is considering law enforcement as a career, Police Chaplain Ray Vann who passionately serves the police of Lufkin, Texas, offers a valuable, unique and personally transparent perspective regarding deadly force usage.  He understands the critical decision making action of officers and thus he provides the reader a process to understand their own emotional and spiritual discernment beforehand in order to arrive at their own personal convictions on this issue.  This type of encouraged introspection I feel only enhances the officers’ mental and emotional health.”

      VINCENT GOLBECK, Assistant Police Chief (Retired), Dallas Police Department


"Life is sacred and because of this deadly force may at times be necessary."

      MOST REV. JOSEPH E. STRICKLAND, Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Tyler




ISBN 10:   0-9600657-0-9

ISBN 13:   978-0-9600657-0-7

Copyright 2019

Servi Publishing, LLC

6" x 9" Paperback

158 Pages

As law enforcement officers, you are trained to stop an aggressor from physically harming or killing others. This means that you may have to kill another human being in order to stop them from inflicting harm. You knew this going into the academy and you know it now, but have you really thought about what this truly means? Being prepared to kill in order to stop an aggressor takes more than just being trained and being armed. It also takes a mental and spiritual resolve to act without hesitation and without regret. This requires removing any possibility that your faith or system of beliefs conflict with your duty to respond with the use of deadly force when necessary.

Although this book is written primarily for law enforcement officers, most of what is written is also of significant importance for any citizen who is regularly armed with any type of deadly weapon for the purposes of self-defense and/or defense of others. The topic of this book is a spiritual discernment on killing. More specifically, it highlights the importance of being prepared and working through the spiritual aspects or belief system issues associated with the possibility of having to end the life of another human being. For those who have already been in the situation of having to use deadly force, the topic is the same, but you will be working through it from a different perspective. 

The main purpose of this writing is to assist law enforcement officers in spiritual discernment so that any spiritual issues, known and unknown, can be addressed prior to encountering an incident where deadly force is needed. In addition, this writing will assist law enforcement officers in developing a plan of action to be implemented immediately after an incident where deadly force is used.